Volume 7 – Mira las Hojas Caer

Mira las Hojas Caer

(Watch the Leaves Fall)

¡Es Otoño! Mira las Hojas Caer is our second fall-themed album, where children can sing, dance, and delight with the rhythms and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. We'll travel to Andean countries to learn about llamas, alpacas, and the names of their native countries. We'll groove to the cha-cha-chá, vallenato, flamenco and bomba y plena while learning about jaguars, caymans and space travel. They will also learn about the importance of healthy habits such as eating vegetables and personal hygiene. And we'll finish up with the sweet desert of arroz con leche. As with our previous albums, our aim is to teach Spanish while playing, dancing and most importantly experiencing the richness of the Latin culture.


Mira las Hojas Caer
Vol 7 - Mira las Hojas Caer (Fall 2)
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Mira las Hojas Caer contains 20 songs.

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  • 1. ¡Buenos Días | Good Morning
  • 2. Otoño | Otoño
  • 3. ¿Dónde Está el Pavo? | Where is the Turkey?
  • 4. El Espantapájaros Amigable
           The Friendly Scarecrow
  • 5. Nos Vamos a Disfrazar
           We're Going to Dress Up
  • 6. La Calabaza Escondida
           The Hidden Pumpkin
  • 7. Arroz con Leche | Rice Pudding
  • 8. Compartir | Share
  • 9. Los Vocales | Vowels
  • 10. Llamas y Alpacas | Llamas andn Alpacas
  • 11. En el Baño | In the Bathroom
  • 12. Cinco Monos | Five Monkeys
  • 13. The Araña Pequeñita | The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • 14. El Lobo y las Manzanas
           The Wolf and the Apples
  • 15. En la Granja | On the Farm
  • 16. El Tren de los Vegetales
           The Vegetable Train
  • 17. El Astronauta | The Astronaut
  • 18. Mueve tu Cuerpo | Move your Body
  • 19. Vamos a la Selva
           Lets Go to the Rain Forest
  • 20. Adiós | Goodbye

This album contains a 12-page booklet containing Spanish lyrics and the English translation to each song.

Mira las Hojas Caer