Volume 5 – La Primavera Trae Sorpresas

La Primavera Trae Sorpresas

(Spring Brings Surprises)

La Primavera Trae Sopresas" is our second spring-themed album in which you and your children will learn about magical things that happen during the spring. You'll be transported to a farm to listen and learn not just about farm animals but also wild ones such as monkeys and penguins. You'll hear folkloric music from the plains of Venezuela, as well as playful a cappella scores and even a little opera! We will travel to Mexico and learn about the ancient pyramids of the Moon and Moon and enjoy the soothing sounds of the Andean flute native flute and conch shells. Musical letters from around the Americas will have you guessing where they're from, bringing unique, native rhythms that will cultivate a musical interest as well as make you move and dance.


La Primavera Trae Sorpresas
Vol 5 - La Primavera Trae Sorpresas (Spring 2)
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La Primavera Trae Sorpresas contains 20 songs.

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  • 1. Hola, ¿Cómo Estás? | Hello, How Are You?
  • 2. La Primavera Trae Sorpresas
           Spring Brings Surprises
  • 3. En el Jardín | In the Garden
  • 4. Los Insectos | Insects
  • 5. Las Diez Hormigas | The Ten Ants
  • 6. Coquí la Rana | Coqui the Treefrog
  • 7. Los Pollitos | Los Pollitos
  • 8. Ven a Ver mi Granja
          Come See my Farm
  • 9. Lola y Nico | Lola and Nico
  • 10. La Gallina en la Granja
          The Hen on the Farm
  • 11. Las Fruitas de Colores
          The Colorful Fruit
  • 12. El Juego de los Animales
          The Animal Game
  • 13. Los Opuestos | Opposites
  • 14. El Día y la Noche | Day and Night
  • 15. Las Pirámides | The Pyramids
  • 16. Escóndate | Hide and Seek
  • 17. ¿De Dónde Viene la Carta?
          From Where is the Letter?
  • 18. Los Animales Músicos
          The Animal Musicians
  • 19. Anoche Soñé | Last Night I Dreamed
  • 20. Adiós | Goodbye

This album contains a 12-page booklet containing Spanish lyrics and the English translation to each song.

La Primavera Trae Sorpresas----------------------------------------------