Spanish Music & Movement (Mixed-Age)

Spanish Music & Movement for mixed-aged children (6 months – 4 years)

This is a fun and interactive class where parents, caregivers and educators sit with their children to explore the Spanish-language, music, and Latin-American culture. This class is perfect for parents with multiple children of varying ages. Children are exposed to Spanish through songs that create an environment that allows for a long periods of listening and exposure, coupled with call-and-response interactivity requiring physical movement. Parents receive a copy of our own music heard in class to enjoy in the car and at home.

Games, songs, books, sign language, puppets, parachutes and toys of class cultivate curiosity and will stimulate children in rewarding ways. This language adventure can take them for a ride on a train (parachute) through the countries of the Americas, or simply popping burbujas (bubbles) in the bath top with patos (ducks) and ranas (frogs). If your child likes jumping, dancing, and singing this is the perfect class!