• Our Classes: Whether you are Mom or Dad, a caregiver or an educator, your children or students can benefit from the rewarding experience of learning and connecting to the wonderful world of Spanish. ABC Spanish in Motion incorporates music, movement, and interaction into its program, making the learning and activities applicable and adaptable to a wide range of ages and educational settings. ABC Spanish in Motion programs may be experienced in the following settings:

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 • Newton

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Family Classes

• Family Classes

Come with your little one and join us in this fun adventure at your most convenient location. Please see the purple box above to find most convenient location for you.

Daycare Centers and Schools

• Daycares, Preschools and Schools

If you are a school that is looking to enrich the lives and cultivate the minds of your students through a fun language program, we have designed a truly beneficial curriculum that links smoothly to your school’s curriculum. Please contact us for more information.

Spanish Classes at Home

• Private Classes (held in private homes)

If you desire to provide social and enriching activities for your children within your own home, consider bringing ABC Spanish In Motion to educate and entertain. You provide the space we provide the experience. Please contact us for more information.

Spanish Summer Camp

• Summer Camps

Our Spanish summer programs provide an opportunity for children to learn and/or practice Spanish in an immersive and cultural context. Children sing, make music, play games, craft, and prepare food as the themes change weekly. Children develop confidence and improve social skills through sharing and group activities in a highly social and participatory setting. We offer 7 weeks of Monday - Friday camps in Newton and 4 weeks of Monday-Friday camps in Brookline.

Spanish Libraries Bookstores

• Libraries and Bookstores

We run classes at libraries, bookstores, and other education-focused venues on occasion. Please contact us if you would like for us to make an appearance.

School Vacation in Spanish

• School Vacation in Spanish

The Spanish Immersion Montessori School (SIMS) offers an immersive Spanish experience for children during February and April school vacation (Tuesday, February 19 - Friday, February 22 and Tuesday, April 16 - Friday, April - 19). Conducted fully in Spanish, but designed for children with little or no Spanish experience, kids will explore new themes each day. More information and registration here.

Birtyday Parties

• Birthday Parties

ABC livens up birthday parties with Spanish music, movement brought to you. Our Discovery in Motion Center in Newton (at the Spanish Immersion Montessori School) is also available for parties. Whether you are simply looking for a comfortable space, a party with music and activities, or a themed party prepared by us, we will create a memorable and fun experience. More information here.