About ABC

Full-Connection with Latin-American Language And Culture

Jouveth ShortellABC Spanish in Motion is a language exposure program designed to connect and expands worlds and minds. Children, parents, caregivers and educators are guided through the rewarding adventure of exploring a new language and its cultures in a natural environment carefully tailored for the learning styles of little ones. Children are immersed in a full Spanish class through the duration of it learning everyday and applicable themes (colors, numbers, shapes, routines, commands etc).

Fun Music, Movement and Games

Music and movement are the key elements we utilize to enhance learning. Word retention is reinforced through repetition in music and the connection of words and actions. We create a positive association with the language through the use of puppets, toys, games and Latin American instruments.

Learning as a Family

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to either learn o practice your Spanish skills together with your little ones. You will dance, sing, and play in Spanish with them. There is nothing more rewarding then being part of your children significant learning experiences. This program provides you not only with a structured class full of ideas and activities for you to do with your children but also a music CD to extend the wonderful experience of being expose to a new world a new language and its cultures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide enriching classes that expose children to Spanish and Latin Culture at an early age. We aim to plant a seed of cultural awareness and interest that will grow and will foster diversity and cultural sensitivity within the growing generation.For this reason, we select practical, useful and fascinating topics to easily engage children in this adventure. Children are immersed fully in Spanish through the duration of each class. The curriculum includes common subjects familiar to children in their native languages such as colors, numbers, shapes, routines and commands, among others. It also includes themes unique to Latin America, such as Latin rhythms, foods, countries, animals, etc.

Our Team

Our multicultural, diverse and experienced staff provides a unique opportunity for our students to learn first hand the similarities and differences among Latin cultures. Meet our amazing team of native Spanish-speaking teachers.


Talented, committed teachers are the key to ABC’s success. Through their professionalism and diverse backgrounds, we have become a leader among Spanish programs in the Boston area. We invite you to learn more about the career opportunities that await you as an ABC member.