ABC Spanish in Motion is a language exposure program designed to connect and expand worlds and minds.

Note: Newton classes will be temporarily held at Chungdahm ReadWrite, located at 1254 Chestnut Street in Newton until renovations are complete at our new Discovery in Motion Center, soon-to-be open at 991 Boylston St. in Newton. More Info.

Children, parents, caregivers and educators are guided through the rewarding adventure of exploring and learning a new language and its cultures.

Spanish Summer Camp in Action
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We offer a variety of classes for children ages 0 to 6 years to aid future language acquisition through music and movement. Learning a new language often means learning a new world that connects the body and the spirit with other cultures. This wonderful educational experience gives you the sense of connecting and belonging to a bigger world as well as setting the scene for many important multicultural experiences.

Our classes run in periods of 8-12 weeks, and we provide the opportunity to extend the learning within your home by giving you a CD with the music utilized in class. Every season brings new music and new learning!

Our Programs

  • Family classes (held in public locations) - ¡Mi Familia y Yo!:
  • Daycare and Preschools - ¡Espanol en mi Escuela!
  • Private Classes (held in private homes) - ¡Yo, Familia y Amigos!
  • Immersion Programs

Inquisitive parents and children are invited to attend any of our regular 45-minute classes free of charge. Visit our visit our Location pages to see our schedules.

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